• Ginned cotton
    Ginned cotton is our flagship product, which made our company known worldwide. Our company receives the unginned cotton from producers and then, after that it is processed by modern machines, we produce the ginned cotton, which is sold both in Greece and abroad.

    All our exports follow the rules of the International Cotton Association (ICA).
  • Cottonseed
    During the ginning process, the ginned cotton and the cottonseed result from the unginned cotton.

    A part of the cottonseed produced is processed at the company's seed oil mill and cotton oil and cotton cake are produced, while the rest is sold to various countries as animal feed. Following the necessary drying process, the cottonseed is kept in fully suitable ventilated warehouses, which keep the product in excellent condition, since the company has the capacity to store 50,000 tons in specialized warehouses equipped with an advanced ventilation system.
  • Cotton cake
    Cotton cake results from cottonseed crushing It is a product of high nutritional value due to the combination of cotton oil proteins it contains. It is produced from cottonseeds that are not genetically modified and have the form of placenta (cake). Further processing allow it to become edible, and is used as animal feed that is sold to various livestock companies. The company also sells the product in packaging in 40-kg bags.
  • Cotton oil
    Cotton oil is produced from cottonseeds using the crushing method at the company’s seed oil mill. It is used as a raw material by the food industry or by the biodiesel industry.
  • Grains & Cereals
    Since 2010, KARAGIORGOS BROS. ABEE has showcased its power in the sector of cereals and especially of grains. The priority of the company is to collect the best varieties and to preserve the products in warehouses of excellent conditions and specifications. Our company provides producers with various varieties of seeds and fertilizers for the cultivation of cereals.

    The company trades hard and soft wheat, barley and corn. Specially trained geotechnical staff studies and analyzes the quality characteristics of the said products ensuring their optimal quality with state-of-the-art machinery that allows the measurement of protein, specific weight and humidity.

    Our customers are the largest pasta companies both in Greece and worldwide.
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