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During the productive procedure, the cottonseed that emerges brings on to the oilseed unit of the company and with the method of the extraction it products brutto cotton oil and cotton pie.
The cottonseed is being carried in pour shape into the oilseed unit with tracks.
It's gathered in silo with funnels from where through metaphorical snails, it is emptied with continuous flow in the feeder funnels of the breakers.
After is being grind from breakers, so that it gain smaller dimensions, it is brought on for dry-spell and heats in 90C in drier-oast from where through the procedure of drainage is taken off the greater part of humidity.
Then the draught seed squashes in press of continuous function that though the compression rejects the content brutto (gross weight) cotton oil.
The remaining seed after its elision, make the known cotton pie which is rich in proteins and in vegetable oil and has the shape of pie.

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