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Karagiorgou SA was founded in 1951 and its main occupation is cotton ginning, the production of cotton-seed oil and cotton pie.
The company is within the largest companies of the market.
* In 2000 the company conquered the first place in profits among 80 companies of ginning, with profits 1.1 billion drx.( 3.2 million)
At 2003 it took the first position in profits within 57 companies with 2.798.000€
The product activities of the company embrace industrial units all over the main cultivating land of cotton in Greece.
The investments that took place the last 3 years for the manufacture and extension of the industrial units, with main purpose, to cover the increasing production of the cotton in Greece, exceed the 6 billion drx.( 17.6 million)
From the beginning of 2000 the company has file a request of introduction to the Grand of Values in Athens.



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